We have recommended ages for each Nerf gun we use. If you have any further questions, please give us a call.

We have recommended Nerf guns for different age groups. All parties are provided with goggles for eye protection.

The 5+ age group uses a modified Mega Shock Nerf gun that shoots the round foam ammo balls.

The 14+ age group uses the Nerf Rival series that shoots faster and harder at 100 feet per second. It might be too intense for younger players. 

During the course of your event, your guests will get to play a variety of games including team games, capture the flag, eliminator, protect the Captain, free for all, parents vs kids (optional), etc.

We normally suggest at least a half basketball court sized space for your event*. Check out some of our pictures below for some ideas. Or give us a call if you have any other questions.

Basic Package         $300

2 hours
14 Nerf Guns & Goggles*
1 Giant inflatable Tank
8 inflatable Camouflage Barriers
1 Party Host


16' Super x inflatable       $175

Deluxe Package      $600

2 hours
28 Nerf Guns & Goggles*
2 Giant inflatable Tank
16 inflatable Camouflage Barriers
2 Party Hosts


additional Nerf guns 



Ultimate Package   $900

2 hours
42 Nerf Guns & Goggles*
3 Giant inflatable Tank
24 inflatable Camouflage Barriers
3 Party Host


additional time     


*If you are having your party in a public place, such as a park, it is your responsibility to see if that place or Parks & Rec Dept, County, State, etc requires a permit to have your party and allows our services in that public place. If the city requires you to have a permit that is your responsibility, however, we are happy to work with them to provide proof of insurance or any other additional documents they require.

Cancellation Policy: 

Please give us 7 days notice for cancellations or reschedules in order to keep your deposit.

If you would like to change the time of your party, please just give us 24 hours to coordinate any time changes with our employees.

We understand it rains at unpredictable times.  A full refund is given during rainy days as long as you call us 4 hours before the party.  

If a party is rained out part way through, we can appreciate the situation and give discounts on partial parties.