Video Games Packages.png

Our Video Game Packages are geared towards large parties. We use projectors and 16' inflatable screens, so it's best to be indoors or have an event beginning at dusk to get the best visual for the screen.

*We play a 4-8 player game of Mario Kart 8 and a 8-16 player game of Smash Brothers.

Basic Package               $300

2 hours
Nintendo Wii U & Games*
16 game controllers
2 Nintendo Wii U's**
2 16' inflatable screens
2 speaker systems
1 Party Host

Deluxe Package              $600

2 hours
Nintendo Wii U & Games*
32 game controllers
4 Nintendo Wii U's**
4 16' inflatable screens
4 speaker systems
2 Party Hosts

**With the equipment needed for video game parties, we will need access to electricity. 

Cancellation Policy: 

Please give us 7 days notice for cancellations or reschedules in order to keep your deposit.

If you would like to change the time of your party, please just give us 24 hours to coordinate any time changes with our employees.

We understand it rains at unpredictable times.  A full refund is given during rainy days as long as you call us 4 hours before the party.  

If a party is rained out part way through, we can appreciate the situation and give discounts on partial parties.